Stories (Online)

“The Imaginary Girlfriends of Canada” in Hotel Amerika

“A Harbinger of What’s Already Here,” “The Myth of the Reruns,” “A Rogue Department Course Offering,” and “A Good Idea” in The Brooklyn Rail

“Zeno’s Shotgun Paradox” in Atticus Review

“Astray” in The Brooklyn Rail

“You Are Where I Am Not” in The Brooklyn Rail

“Identity Theft” in The Brooklyn Rail

“The Divine Plan” in The Brooklyn Rail

“An Immaterial Message” in The Brooklyn Rail

In print, my fiction has appeared in Cincinnati Review, Copper Nickel, New Orleans Review, Denver Quarterly, Western Humanities Review, and other journals.

Essays (Online)

“Bowl-a-Rama” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Pool Hall Legend” in decomP magazinE

“Time Stands Still When You’re Havin’ Fun” in Always Crashing

“Wait Here?” in 3:AM Magazine

“The Great Indoorsman” in Heavy Feather Review (Part the First) (Part the Second) (Part the Third) (Part the Last)

In print, my essays have appeared in The Iowa Review, Florida Review, Willow Springs, North American Review, and other journals.


“Authors Andrew Farkas and Robert Glick in Conversation” in The Literary Review

“Gravity and Other Theories: A Collaborative Interview with Andrew Farkas and David Leo Rice” in Heavy Feather Review

“Six Ridiculous Questions: Andrew Farkas” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Energy, Entropy, and the Sunsphere: An Interview with Andrew Farkas” in The Lit Pub

“‘Don’t Think About the Elephant’: An Interview with Andrew Farkas, Author of The Big Red Herring” in Heavy Feather Review

“12 or 20 Questions with Andrew Farkas” on Rob McLennan’s Blog

“Washburn Professor Publishes Metafiction Work The Big Red Herring” in CJOnline

“Risk and Reward: A Conversation with Andrew Farkas” on Kenyon Review Online

“Writers Chat 22: Andrew Farkas on Sunsphere” on Shauna Gilligan’s Blog

“Irrelevant Questions for Relevant Writers: Solipsistic Collapse Edition” in Cincinnati Review’s Blog

“How an Interest in the Singapore Sling Can Lead to the Ethics of Draw Poker” in Nailed


The Other Stories: A reading of “The City of the Sunsphere” and an interview

Talk with ME: A reading of various stories and an interview